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The world’s first Longevity-focused Capital Advisory Firm

We enable investments into longevity by creating financial products that provide thematic access to a diverse pool of longevity investments, and by providing AI-powered tools to help investors and financial stakeholders research, trade and invest in longevity-focused companies.



We help longevity-focused companies raise capital to grow and scale their business.

Our expertise and network positions us well to target the right investors at each stage of growth, advise on acquisition, divestment and partnership opportunities. We also provide management and strategic advice, scientific and technical due diligence.


Our InvestTech platform helps connect companies seeking funding to the right investors, thanks to our AI-powered smart investor matching engine and global network.


At Longevity Financial Advisors, we aim to leverage our expert knowledge of the longevity sector, data on the entire universe of companies and innovative technical models to find the best way to offer opportunities to invest in both broad and thematic trends within the space.


We have, for example, launched an Actively Managed Certificate, a structured product that tracks the performance of the fast growing field of Cancer Vaccine Development. The product intends to offer exposure to the many opportunities to related clinical developments, while ensuring stability by consistently including a sizable position in blue chip Pharma names that are currently deploying R&D in this direction.

For further information related to the product and how to invest please contact us at

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Remus Stanesc (Head of LFA) - or
Eduard Dogaru (VP of Structured Products) -

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Check out our data room platform to follow up on the latest details on cancer vaccine development. 



We are part of Deep Knowledge Group, the global leader in longevity and deep tech. Deep Knowledge Group is focused on leveraging deep tech and frontier technologies to address the longevity challenge (and opportunity!), and owns the world’s largest knowledge platform for longevity and deep tech. At Longevity Financial Advisors, we are building on the group’s expertise and network to support companies and investors operating in the longevity industry, and to contribute to the industry’s sustainable growth.