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Longevity Industry

The Longevity Economy’s Scale Projections contains global healthcare spending affecting Longevity, the combined capitalization of publicly listed Longevity companies, the capitalization of Longevity-related insurance and reinsurance companies, banks and pension funds and privately held Longevity companies. Financial institutions, such as investment banks, pension funds, and insurance companies can either sink or swim when hit by the oncoming Silver Tsunami. We define the Longevity Industry as a combination of aging, advanced preventive precision biomedicine,  AgeTech, relevant parts of national healthcare budgets.

The Global Longevity Market

50 000+ companies
9 000+ investors
1 000+ R&D hubs
100+ governments
1,000+ financial institutions
160 subsectors

Longevity Economy Growth Prediction  

The Longevity industry  is huge  and fast growing market which based on its paradigm changing nature  is facing with high level of complexity and strongly relied on technological innovations.

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