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How my work in InvestTech and Finance aligns with passion for technology-driven social impact

*** Longevity Financial Advisors is seeking business development and financial industry professionals to join its Longevity Big Data InvestTech Platform team. Apply today at, or via ***

Are you a financial industry professional tired of working for corporations that are only interested in profit? Do you wish that there were more opportunities to apply your skills to areas that are both lucrative and socially impactful?

A very select handful of companies in the DeepTech Financial Industry are seeking exactly this - applying modern InvestTech solutions to close the Liquidity Gap to accelerate the socially inclusive optimization of citizen health and wealth, and proactively fighting the #1 leading factor of preventable disease, death, disability, reduced quality of life, loneliness and missed opportunity: aging.

As investor appetite for Longevity continues to heat up, with rapidly increasing numbers of UHNWIs and institutional investors embracing the concept of Health as New Wealth and pouring their capital into Longevity-focused projects capable of not just making them lucrative profit but also delivering real humanitarian impact (and quite possibly extending their own Healthy Longevity while they’re at it), the Longevity Industry is quickly becoming the #1 target for undertapped, underleveraged impact investment potential.

As a spin-out of the company (Deep Knowledge Group*) that coined the term Longevity Financial Industry, conducted the very first dedicated analysis of the sector, and pioneered the concept of building the financial industry infrastructure (markets, structured products, derivatives, InvestTech solutions, etc.) needed to accelerate practical Longevity industry development and maturation, we operate on the very vanguard of developments in this arena, and are seeking other ethically-motivated financial industry and business development professionals to join forces towards our shared mission of moral profit.

Life choices

My life and career choices have always been driven by a strong desire to pursue new challenges and to never settle for a comfort zone. This is why I am at Deep Knowledge Group, where we are a team of high performers, visionaries and achievers.

Deep Knowledge Group is an international consortium of for-profit and non-profit organisations focused on advancing the development of Frontier Technologies for Social Good, well known for its sophisticated DeepTech analytics, predictive forecasting and benchmarking, having been profiled* as early as 2014 in bestselling books on the future of technology, including Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Hariri and The Fourth Industrial Revolution by World Economic Forum Founder and Chairman Klaus Schwab.

Having won the President’s of Kazakhstan educational scholarship in 2005, I left home at the age of 18 to start my bachelors degree in Social Policy at the University of York. Afterwards, I wanted to grasp business skills that would be valuable in my career progress. Having put much effort and dedication, it was a proud moment for myself and my family when I managed to enrol in the MSc Management program at the Imperial College Business School, the World’s 7th top management program at the time.

Masters in Management at Imperial College Business School (2010)

and the graduation from the University of York, 2009.

Success is earned, not given

In my work, I have always applied a brave, ambitious and consistent approach to demonstrate my best skills and be a valuable asset to my teams. For this reason, I have always had a preference to work for fast growing companies with a tight organisational structure like the Deep Knowledge Group (DKG), since, in my opinion, it gives you a great opportunity to express and better understand yourself. This is why I have joined Longevity Financial Advisors as Head of Investor Relations, a subsidiary of the DKG focused on the Longevity Finance sector and a lead sponsor of the Longevity Network. My role as Head of Investor Relations gives me an opportunity to use my skills to the best needs of the company, as well as developing myself further.

My career started in such a setup at the commodities trading company Aifer Oil, in my home country Kazakhstan. The business was growing fast locally and internationally, but the working environment required absolute dedication from each member of the team, no “passengers” were tolerated. In only two years, I was promoted from a financial analyst to a finance director for being a top performer and putting results on a table.

Working in the office, 2021. In the background, a present from football champions of Kazakhstan,

FC Kairat. At DKG, we always strive to be champions of our industry.


In my view, one of the best things to experience in life is diversity in cultures, environments and mentalities. After a 4 year spell in my home country, I pursued a new experience in New York and London, studying in New York School of Finance and working in Bay Capital investment bank on Wall street. When I moved back to London in 2015, I was offered a Vice President role in Phanar, a Swiss-British asset management firm in London. The best lessons I learned were from working with people of different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures, as it gave me a fresh perspective that was different from the one I had before.

The Deep Knowledge Group is exactly what I meant above, as we are a strong group of professionals with different backgrounds, origins, locations and cultures. At the same time, we are united as a team, supportive of each other and pursue a dream of achieving common goals.

Myself and other speakers and panellists of Longevity Financial Club’s inaugural event at the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge Club at 71 Pall Mall, London on 21 June 2022

Business Development & Investor Relations

At Deep Knowledge Group, we are consistently looking for people who can make us better and share our global vision, because here we are on a mission to build something much bigger than just an international business group. We are changing the Longevity industry, its perception and influence on the community.

Myself and colleagues presenting at Longevity Financial Club’s second official invitation-only event for investment and financial industry professionals on the topic of Longevity FinTech and InvestTech* in the Sky Lounge of the landmark Shard building.

In the Business Development & Investor Relations, you are at the front of everything, which makes it an exciting and highly responsible role. For this position, we would like to see people who are eager to pursue a partner-like dedication, mindset and discipline. You must demonstrate that you have achieved top targets in your previous roles, and are not afraid of being in a highly-demanding working environment.


  • Ability to present pitch decks well in a clear and concise manner;

  • A vivid networker who knows how to approach people and form connections;

  • A consistent achiever who knows how to set up personal targets and meet them on time;

  • Up to three years of experience in sales, business development, investor relations;

  • An existing database of personal contacts within the investment community, family offices or venture funds is desirable.

To make a successful and memorable career, at some point it is essential to take responsibility for your actions and set yourself higher targets. If you are this type of person and eager to be part of the team that is going to reach “Everest”, contact us now at, or via ***

About: Longevity Financial Advisors

Longevity Financial Advisors Ltd is a niche advisory boutique focused on the Longevity Industry. Led by seasoned financial and Longevity industry professionals, the company uses advanced analytical systems built on proprietary data sets and powered by artificial intelligence to structure financial instruments and fundraise for investment vehicles. The company also provides a wide range of services including advising on acquiring, selling, partnering with or funding a business, management and strategic advice as well as scientific and technical due diligence.

*You are now being directed to a third-party website. Should you proceed, DeepTech and Longevity Industry Financial Advisors Ltd and Razlin Limited will not provide you with regulatory protections for any transactions carried out on those external websites.


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